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Ken Keis has written the definitive go-to guide for understanding what makes you – and people around you – tick. Why Aren’t You More Like Me? is a fascinating read, because it’s all about you! This book will change the way you think about yourself and your world.

Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

The first question followers want leaders to answer is “Who are you?” They want to know what you care about and why they ought to follow you. You’ll be able to address those questions and more when you read the new book from Ken Keis ‘Why Aren’t You More Like Me?‘. It is a refreshingly clear, comprehensive, and practical guide to discovering your Personal Style, what motivates you, and how to adapt to situations and the styles of others. If you want to improve your personal effectiveness—in a way that is genuine and credible—this book is a great place to start!

Jim Kouzes

Award-winning co-author of the bestseller, The Leadership Challenge

Ken Keis’ new book Why Aren’t You More Like Me? is a superb analysis of the impact of Personal Style—one of several that impact personality development—and how knowledge and awareness of that style can make a significant difference in the way we live our lives. More than a great read for a general audience, this book is an invaluable reference resource for professionals in the helping professions and for those who use assessments in their work. I intend to use it often in my work as an executive and leadership coach and management consultant.

Dr. Ray Williams

President, Ray Williams Associates, Co-Founder, Success IQ University

Ken’s book is a must read for any leader, parent, partner, or individual who wants to improve his or her personal or professional effectiveness. It is full of in-depth knowledge that will change the way you understand yourself and others—forever!

Jill Lublin

Bestselling Author of Guerrilla Publicity

In his groundbreaking new book Why Aren’t You More Like Me? author Ken Keis has created the ultimate resource to help individuals and organizations maximize their strengths through understanding their unique Personal Styles. Although style does not predict a career—a point wisely noted in this book—knowing what makes people tick is definitely linked to outstanding productivity, profits, and a happy workplace. A must read for anyone pursuing higher levels of success.

Les Hewitt

Bestselling Author: The Power of Focus

I was one of the early adopters of Ken’s programs and have been a big believer in the effectiveness of the content and strategies contained in Why Aren’t You More Like Me? Ken lives and breathes what he teaches. He is sincerely interested in helping people do more with their lives.

Communication and sales skills can be improved dramatically when you know who you are talking to and how they want you to communicate with them. No gimmicks or copycat concepts here. You can trust Ken Keis and the CRG group.

Jim Janz

International Entrepreneur and Businessman

I used to wonder why people didn’t get my point of view—it was so obvious to me! I would get exasperated and frustrated. As a result, I had few friends and no tolerance for people who were different than I was. Because I was unaware of other people’s Personal Styles, I was ineffective in my job as a manager and saw constant staff turnover. It wasn’t until my job was threatened that I became aware that the problem was me, not “them.”

The many assessments I’d taken (and given) all basically conveyed the same type of information—they answered the “what” message about my strengths and weaknesses, but they didn’t help me with “how” to interact with people. Together, Why Aren’t You More Like Me? and CRG’s Personal Style Indicator provide insights that no other book and assessment can offer. I had a “Eureka” moment when I finally understood how I am and how I can be with the way others are.

They are also powerful tools for hiring, coaching, and training. I can see immediately that if a person’s Interpersonal HARMONY score is low and Cognitive ANALYSIS score is high, this individual will be ideal for an isolated and non-supervised position.

My PSI scores showed me how to communicate and provide feedback in a way likely to produce a positive response. My new knowledge allows me to choose my own path and adapt my Personal Style to work in my favor with the people with whom I interact. My social and professional status have been enhanced.

To make this information even more compelling for you as a professional, I highly encourage you to engage the CRG Assessment Systems Certification. I challenge everyone to discover how You Can Be More Like Them. The information in this book should be taught in every one of our schools!

July Ono

President, On The Beach, Education Corporation

Most textbooks written by academics on assessment in general - and personality assessment in particular - tend to put me to sleep.

Fortunately, the ideas in this book come from professionals in the business world as well as higher education. I find Why Aren’t You More Like Me? very reader- friendly, the suggestions for improving workplace relations practical, and the publication comprehensive.

Richard Knowdell

President, Career Research & Testing, Inc.


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